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After Scoliosis Surgery - Home Recovery

Recovery Period: Incision(s)

Recovery Period: Respiratory
Lung (pulmonary) function may slightly decline after scoliosis surgery. To improve breathing function steadily with time, it is helpful to perform respiratory exercises every one to two hours for the first three weeks after surgery. Respiratory exercises include deep breathing using the incentive spirometer provided at the hospital and frequent coughing. Lung function is routinely checked during regular office visits.

Recovery Period: Activity Level

Helpful Restrictions

Medication: The surgeon may provide a list of medications that may and may not be taken. Usually, all non-steroid medication such as aspirin, Motrin®, and ibuprofen are prohibited. Tylenol can be taken. Birth control pills are stopped prior to surgery as these may increase the risk of blood clot formation during the postoperative period.

Smoking: Smoking impairs bone from healing and hinders fusion. Patients must be committed to stop smoking two months before surgery and for a minimum of six months after surgery. Of course, it would be better just to give up the habit for a lifetime.

Transportation: Avoid frequent car rids and mass transit for six weeks after surgery. Patients can go home from the hospital by car with a pillow behind their back and seatbelt in use.

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