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Scoliosis X-rays and What They Tell Us

The spine is a three-dimensional structure and scoliosis is ultimately a three dimensional problem. Doctors refer to sections of the body as planes. If you recall your high school geometry, a plane is an infinitely thin and flat sheet that actually has no depth. .

Two Intersecting Planes

Each plane has a name and these terms are used when discussing spinal alignment and balance. The terms are:

Successful scoliosis surgery must address all three planes. The surgeon must visualize how the corrective surgery will adjust the spine side to side, back to front, and top to bottom.

Multiple x-rays are used to assist in the visualization. The patient's scoliosis curvature is measured on a PA (posterior-anterior) x-ray representing the coronal plane (front). The sagittal plane is seen on the lateral (side) x-ray.

Coronal Plane: Anterior-Posterior (Front-Back) X-ray

Sagittal Plane: Lateral (Side) X-ray

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