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Prevention and Treatment for Adolescent Scoliosis in California

We find out more about adolescent scoliosis every day.  With tweens and adolescents older than age 10 being the top demographic affected by scoliosis, the research and development community is always hard at work to find new and effective ways of treating it.

New Study

The Chinese University of Hong Kong’s study has shown a link between Vitamin D and calcium supplements and stopping curve progression in girls between ages 11 and 14 who present a 15% Cobb angle.

The study involved 330 participants, divided into 3 groups.  These 3 groups were given:

  • a low dose of Vitamin D, with calcium
  • a high dose of Vitamin D, with calcium
  • placebo

Lasting 2 years, the Hong Kong study’s results rendered strong evidence of materially improved bone health in the 2 groups given the supplements.

So, supplements are promising a new method of halting the progression of scoliosis curves.  This offers tremendous hope, not only for patients, but for the doctors who work with them.

The use of dietary supplements like Vitamin D and calcium and the application of nutritional plans represent new promise in the treatment of scoliosis.

Traditional Modalities

Prevention and treatment for adolescent scoliosis in California are the focus of our practice at Scoliosis & Spine Associates.  As we anticipate further research into the efficacy of supplements, we’re still engaged in developing traditional modalities to bring patients higher efficacy and comfort using these therapies.

While surgery is always a possibility, it’s a last resort except in the most serious cases.  For younger patients, conservative treatments are preferred, giving us an array of options, from observation to bracing to exercise therapies like the Scroth Method, Yoga and Pilates.

We find that the combined use of therapeutic movement and bracing can be highly effective for stemming curve progression, empowering and strengthening the patient.

Honoring Patient Uniqueness

Getting ahead of the curve is about selecting the right therapeutic plan for the individual patient.  With up-to-the-minute information about prevention and treatment in hand, physicians are now empowered to add supplements to their programs of care.

Prevention and treatment of adolescent scoliosis in California is improving and Scoliosis & Spine Associates welcomes ongoing innovation in the sector.  We’re fully engaged in research into and development of preventative treatments and therapies.  This new information makes a difference, improving prognoses for our patients.

That’s a new ballgame for adolescents with scoliosis, offering great hope!

Prevention and Treatment of Adolescent Scoliosis in California

Dr. Baron Lonner is an acknowledged leader in the prevention and treatment of adolescent scoliosis in California, having made it his professional mission to improve life for people with scoliosis and other spinal deformities.

Practicing for over 20 years, he’s treated more than 20,000 patients.

Working with patients and families, our team personalizes treatment, mitigating pain, enhancing self-esteem and returning exceptional outcomes.

In June, we celebrate a chance to raise awareness about all kinds of scoliosis with Scoliosis Awareness Month.

Please join us in educating the public about scoliosis this June and improving life for scoliosis patients. Contact us.