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3-D Printed Brace Treatment in Connecticut

Appearance and social position are of paramount importance to teenagers.  They want to feel special, but they also want to blend in.  They want to be part of the crew, while being themselves.

As teens, we’re forming the individual personalities we’ll live with as adults.  It’s a pivotal stage of development in terms of building our self-image and growing the confidence we’ll need to realize our full potential in the adult world.

That’s why bracing has been something of a barrier to treating teens with scoliosis.  Girls are 8 times more likely to develop a scoliosis curve which demands therapy.  So, the appearance of braces is a critical factor.  Needing to wear a brace to school can make teens feel like outcasts – more unsure of themselves than they already are.

With the 3-D Printed Brace brace treatment in Connecticut, bracing for teens with scoliosis has been revolutionized. Teen boys are just as awkward as teen girls, so the leading-edge design of this brace responds to a need for aesthetics awareness – something previously lacking in the design of scoliosis-specific braces.

Worse Than a Bowl Cut

The design of braces has changed little in the past 5 years or so.  While it’s natural that doctors seek the most practical solution, treating the patient with an eye to social realities and self-perception has fallen by the wayside.  But with teens, these things matter – a lot.

Uncomfortable, bulky and not fashionable, traditional braces have the effect of reducing their own value. Most teenage patients are reluctant to wear the brace for the many hours needed to mitigate the curve.

For teenagers, the traditional brace is not unlike a childhood bowl (hair) cut.  Your mom put the bowl on your head and started hacking away.  All you could do was wait for it to grow in.

But the brace is even worse, as it needs be worn for most of the day, every day, for the substantial treatment period prescribed.

The 3-D Printed Brace – Sensitive Scoliosis Bracing

The 3-D Printed Brace’s prototype was created on a 3D printer.  Its visionary design is featured in online design outlets as a forward-thinking example of technology in the service of more sensitive healthcare.

Employing a lattice design, the 3-D Printed Brace uses only 75% of the material used in traditional braces.  And it allows the wearer to bend from the waist, which inflexible traditional braces don’t do.

Computer modules are built into the brace to gather data which is uploaded to an app, so wearers can keep track of the progress of their therapy.  This feature personalizes the experience of 3-D Printed Brace bracing, while empowering the wearer.

3-D Printed Brace at Scoliosis and Spine

The 3-D Printed Brace bracing system in Connecticut is 21st Century scoliosis bracing.  Attractive to wear, while comfortably breathable and flexible, your teen will be pleased to know that the 3-D Printed Brace’s launch took place at a fashion show.

At Scoliosis and Spine, we strive for superior results for your teen with scoliosis.  Contact us.  Find out more about the 3-D Printed Brace bracing system in Connecticut.