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"It is hard to express in a few sentences how this surgery has changed my life. It has given me the ability to participate with family and friends with greater self esteem and stamina. I can walk without pain and shop until my daughters drop. I can wear clothes that accent waistline rather than clothes that hid a deformity. I no longer worry that my curvature is progressing. I feel like a new and energized woman. Is is not easy task chossing to have an nine hour surgery,but I encourage you to trust Dr. Lonner's expertise. You will find and look so much better. Thank you Dr. Lonner for giving me new life!".

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  • Scoliosis awareness logo

    June Is Scoliosis Awareness Month

    As a member of the Scoliosis Research Society, Dr. Baron Lonner is happy to announce that June is Scoliosis Awareness Month.  All over the United States of America, the Society will be raising awareness about scoliosis and its treatment. Origins…. Read more →

  • a smiling young boy from the front and from behind

    How to Tell If Your Child Has a Curved Spine

    Scoliosis is a serious condition, predominantly affecting children between ages 10 to 16.  Presenting as a curved spine, the condition can also be seen in younger children and adults. If you suspect your child may have this condition, there are… Read more →

  • young girl with scoliosis standing at the meadow and looking at the distance

    Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis – Staying Ahead of the Curve

    This variety of scoliosis is a challenge for both patient and doctor, but it’s a challenge that can be met with the right approach. Adolescents go through growth spurts and during those times, curvatures caused by scoliosis can progress rapidly. … Read more →