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3-D Printed Brace Treatment in Georgia

Being a teenager isn’t easy.  Budding adults want to be part of the group, but they also want to be authentic and unique.  They want to be free to express that uniqueness, while being included.

The individuality we’ll model in adulthood is galvanized at this stage of life.  It’s a key moment, during which our sense of self is formed and we develop the confidence we’ll need to enter the world as fully-realized people.

That’s why bracing treatment has been a roadblock for teens with scoliosis.  8 times more likely to develop a curve which needs medical support, girls are tentative about the way they look, so the brace’s appearance is a critical factor.  Teens may feel even more detached and awkward than they usually do when wearing a brace to school.

But the 3-D Printed Brace brace treatment in Georgia is a quantum leap forward in bracing for teens with scoliosis. Teen boys are just as tentative about themselves as teen girls, so the cutting-edge design of this brace answers the need for the aesthetic component which hasn’t seen enough attention in the design of scoliosis-specific braces before Unyq.

Still More Awkwardness

There hasn’t been change in the design of braces for over 5 years.  Researchers and clinicians look for the most scientifically-informed solution, so factoring in social and self-esteem issues has escaped their attention.  But with teenagers, these things really matter.

Not exactly fashionable (as well as uncomfortable and rigid), traditional braces work against the purpose they’re designed for. Patients often won’t wear the brace for the prescribed daily period to mitigate their curvatures, rendering therapy less effective.

The scoliosis braces of the past tended to make young patients (especially teenagers) feel even less confident than usual.  But the 3-D Printed Brace brace treatment in Georgia brings them a notable and welcome evolution in design.

The 3-D Printed Brace – New Generation Scoliosis Bracing

The original model for the 3-D Printed Brace was created with a 3D printer.  Featured in online design outlets, Unyq is an example of technology contributing to advanced healthcare solutions.  The 3-D Printed Brace brace treatment is an innovation teenagers will love.

Using a lattice design, the 3-D Printed Brace consumes only 75% of the material needed for traditional braces.  Allowing scoliosis patients to bend from the waist, Unyq offers greatly enhanced mobility – something traditional braces don’t.

Computer modules are integrated into the brace, gathering data which is uploaded to an app.  Wearers can keep track of their therapeutic progress, a feature which personalizes the experience of wearing 3-D Printed Brace, centering treatment on patients by empowering them.

3-D Printed Brace at Scoliosis and Spine

The 3-D Printed Brace bracing system in Georgia has revolutionized scoliosis bracing.  Comfortable and attractive, your teen will love this brace design even more when they hear that the 3-D Printed Brace was introduced at a fashion show!

At Scoliosis and Spine, we offer superior treatment for your teen with scoliosis.  Contact us.  Let’s talk about the 3-D Printed Brace bracing system in Georgia and how teenagers with scoliosis just found the ideal brace.