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3-D Printed Brace Treatment in New Jersey

Teenagers are genuinely obsessed about the way they look.  They want to stand out, but they want to fit in.  They want to be like everybody else, while still being themselves.

As teenagers, we begin to form the personalities we’ll have for the better part of our lives.  It’s a crucial period in terms of developing a sense of self and building up the confidence we’ll need to live up to our potential.

And that’s why bracing has, until recently, been such a tremendous barrier to treating young scoliosis patients.  With girls 8 times more likely to develop a curvature requiring medical treatment, the way braces look is an important consideration.  Wearing a brace to school can make them feel even more awkward and unsure of themselves than they already do.

But the 3-D Printed Brace brace treatment in New Jersey has changed the game for teens with scoliosis. Boys are just as self-conscious as girls at that age and the superior design of this brace answers an aesthetic need that has been sorely absent from braces used to treat scoliosis.

Worse than a Christmas Sweater

There has been little change to the design of braces for far too long.  While it’s normal that clinicians seek the most effective solution possible, sensitivity to the patient in terms of social impact and self-perception have slipped under the radar.  And with teens, those considerations are enormous.

Bulky, uncomfortable and not exactly “fashion forward”, traditional braces defeat the purpose they’re created for.  Why?  Because it’s rarely the case that the patient wears the brace for the minimum daily period prescribed.

That’s because the traditional brace is, for most teens, the equivalent of an ugly Christmas sweater.  Your aunt put it under the tree for you and you must wear it to appease her.

Only the brace is significantly worse, as it must be worn for the better part of each day for a prescribed therapeutic period.

Why 3-D Printed Brace Is Different

With its prototype created on a 3D printer, the 3-D Printed Brace’s revolutionary design has been featured in online design platforms as an outstanding example of technology in the service of wellness.

Using a lattice design, the 3-D Printed Brace contains 75% of the material traditional braces do.  Further, they allow the wearer to bend from the waist without difficulty – something traditional braces don’t do.

And here’s a techy touch teens will love – the user receives real-time information about how therapy is going.

Transmitted from data-capturing modules in the brace itself, data is uploaded to an app for this purpose.

3-D Printed Brace at Scoliosis and Spine

The 3-D Printed Brace bracing system in New Jersey is a therapeutic tool personalized to the patient, which is more attractive to wear, while being imminently breathable and flexible.  Let your teen know that the 3-D Printed Brace was introduced at a fashion show.

How on fleek is that?

At Scoliosis and Spine, we’re orthopedic specialists, with a focus on scoliosis.  Contact us about the 3-D Printed Brace bracing system in New Jersey.