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3-D Printed Brace Treatment In New York

Teenagers are obsessed about their looks and social positions.  They want to be special, but they also want to fit in.  They want to be part of the group, while being uniquely themselves.

As teenagers, we start to form the individual traits we’ll live with later on, as adults.  It’s a critical developmental stage in terms of building a sense of self and gaining the confidence we’ll need to make the most of our personal gifts and aptitudes.

And that’s why bracing has been such a barrier to treating teens with scoliosis.  Girls are 8 times more likely to see a curvature which requires medical intervention.  So, the way braces look is a crucial factor.  Wearing a brace to school can make teens feel even more isolated and awkward about themselves than they already do.

But the 3-D Printed Brace brace treatment in New York has revolutionized bracing for teens with scoliosis. Boys are just as awkward as girls at this stage and the superlative design of this brace answers a need for better aesthetics which has been sorely absent from the design of scoliosis-specific braces.

An Ugly Christmas Sweater

There has been little change to the design of braces for more than 5 years.  While it’s normal that medical professionals seek the most efficient solution, treating the patient in terms of social realities and self-image have been largely ignored.  With teens, these are extremely important matters.

Uncomfortable, ungainly and not exactly fashionable, traditional braces undermine the purpose they’re made for. That’s because patients rarely wear the brace for the minimum daily period required for curve mitigation.

For teens, the traditional brace is sort of like an ugly Christmas sweater.  Your mom put it under the tree.  It must be worn for the season, to appease her.

But the brace is way worse, as it needs be worn for the bulk of the day, every day, for the prescribed treatment period.

The 3-D Printed Brace – a Revolution In Scoliosis Bracing

The prototype for the 3-D Printed Brace was created via 3D printer.  Its revolutionary design is featured in online design outlets as a manifestation of technology in the service of better healthcare.

Employing a lattice design, the 3-D Printed Brace consists of 75% of the material used in traditional braces.  It also allows the wearer to bend from the waist.  That’s something traditional braces don’t do.

Computer modules built into the brace gather data which is uploaded to an app.  Wearers can track the progress of their treatment, personalizing the experience of wearing 3-D Printed Brace and empowering the wearer.

3-D Printed Brace at Scoliosis and Spine

The 3-D Printed Brace bracing system in New York individualizes bracing.  More attractive to wear, while being comfortably flexible and breathable, your teen will be thrilled to know that the 3-D Printed Brace was launched at a fashion show.

Your teenager is going to love 3-D Printed Brace!

At Scoliosis and Spine, we want the very best for your teen with scoliosis.  Contact us.  Find out more about the 3-D Printed Brace bracing system in New York.