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3-D Printed Brace Treatment in Texas

Teenagers are going through a difficult time of life.  They want to be part of the “in” crowd, but they also want to stand out.  They want to be included in the group, while being free to express themselves.

During our teenage years, the individuality we’ll model in adulthood is formed.  It’s a pivotal moment in our lives, during which we develop a sense of self and establish the confidence we’ll need to fully grow into our innate aptitudes.

That’s why bracing treatment has been a problem for teens with scoliosis.  8 times more likely to experience a curve which requires medical support, girls are deeply concerned with their appearance, so the way braces look is an important factor.  Teens may feel even more alienated and detached when wearing a brace to school.

But the 3-D Printed Brace brace treatment in Texas is a revolution in bracing for teens with scoliosis. And teen boys are just as unsure of themselves as the girls.  The leading-edge design of this brace answers a demand for an aesthetic component which hasn’t been given enough prominence in the design of scoliosis-specific braces.

Standing Out In the Wrong Way

There has been precious little change in the design of braces for over 5 years.  The clinical community looks for the most effective solution, so treating patients to acknowledge self-image and social realities has fallen by the wayside.  But with teenagers, these factors are incredibly important.

Not exactly trendy (as well as rigid and uncomfortable), traditional braces work against their intended purpose. Patients rarely wear the brace for the daily period required to mitigate their curvatures because of these aspects.

The scoliosis braces of the past tended to make teenagers feel that they stood out in the wrong way.  But the 3-D Printed Brace brace treatment in Texas brings them a long-awaited and welcome evolution in design.

The 3-D Printed Brace – Revolutionary Scoliosis Bracing

The first model for the 3-D Printed Brace was produced with a 3D printer.  Featured in online design resources as a prime example of technology creating superior healthcare solutions, the 3-D Printed Brace brace treatment offers teenagers a brace they can love.

Made using a lattice design, the 3-D Printed Brace employs only 75% of the material traditional braces are manufactured from.  Allowing scoliosis patients to bend from the waist, Unyq brings greatly improved mobility – something traditional braces can’t offer.

Computerized modules form part of the brace, collecting data which is uploaded to an app.  Wearers can follow their treatment’s progress, a feature which personalizes the experience of wearing 3-D Printed Brace and empowers patients.

3-D Printed Brace at Scoliosis and Spine

The 3-D Printed Brace bracing system in Texas individualizes bracing.  Breathable, flexible and attractive, your teen will love this new brace design even more when you share that the 3-D Printed Brace was rolled out at a fashion show!

At Scoliosis and Spine, we offer exceptional treatment for your teen with scoliosis.  Contact us.  Let’s talk about the 3-D Printed Brace bracing system in Texas and its new horizons for teenagers with scoliosis.