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3D Printed Scoliosis Brace Treatment for Children 6-17 & Adults 18+‎ in Maryland

Scoliosis bracing has taken a quantum leap, with the advent of 3D printed scoliosis brace treatment for children 6-17 and adults 18+ in Maryland.

This non-fusion scoliosis correction method is adaptable to treating both adolescent idiopathic scoliosis and adult idiopathic scoliosis.  A non-operative scoliosis treatment, the 3D printed brace is a revolution in therapy for patients with scoliosis of all ages.

Technological innovation

3D printing has changed the game in so many sectors and now, this technology has changed the world of scoliosis treatment.

Lighting, breathable and flexible the 3D printed scoliosis brace treatment represents a new era of scoliosis therapy for children and adults alike.

But it’s AIS children 6-17 that this technology is extremely attractive to.  The discomfort and cumbersome construction of traditional scoliosis braces made them difficult to wear for extended periods.  Then, there was the issue (a big one for young people) of aesthetics.

With patients required to wear a scoliosis brace for up to 18 hours every day, something needed to change and now, something has.  The new style of brace is changing the game.

Digital design

Bracing for scoliosis hadn’t changed for some time when the 3D printed brace came along.  Algorithms and digital design have now made it possible to manufacture braces composed of fine lattice work.  This technique consumes 75% less material than the traditional Boston Brace, while providing the support needed.

This factor also accounts for the 3D scoliosis brace’s flexibility nd wearability.  When patients try on the 3D brace, they’re amazed that they’re able to bend from the waist!  That wasn’t possible with the traditional model.

The Unyq Align brace, developed by a 3D print professional in partnership with Intel, is fitted with data-capturing technology, allowing the user to monitor changes in their curve, using an application.

New horizons

Medicrea has taken 3D printing one step further, for those children and adults with scoliosis who require surgery.

The technology has allowed the company to discover a new way to produce the implants used for vertebral body tethering (VBT).  Prior to this innovation, the rods needed to be bent into the right shape for individual patients.  With 3D printing, the rods are customized to the individual patient, offering greater precision.

Known as the UniD system, this 3D generated method for producing the required appliances has already helped hundreds of patients.

With the innovation arising from key collaborations between the medical community and players in the realm of technology, scoliosis patients are seeing the dawn of a new era of scoliosis therapy.

The pace of change is dizzying, as design and technology meet Western Medicine to create renewed hope for children and adults battling scoliosis curvatures.

Scoliosis and Spine

At Scoliosis and Spine, we believe in our patients.  We know they’re up for the fight!  For over 50 years, we’ve treated children and adults with scoliosis and other spinal deformities and conditions in a compassionate environment.

Contact us to find out more about 3D printed scoliosis brace treatment and how it’s changing lives.