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Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis: What Parents Should Know in NJ

It’s difficult for an adolescent to undergo a major surgery while they are still growing into their body. But with a condition like Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis, it would be better to get treatment as soon as possible to prevent further complications. During this time, it’s the parents’ responsibility to help their children physically and mentally prepared for the procedure.

Preparing Your Kid and Yourself for the Surgery

Most adolescent idiopathic scoliosis patients have their parents decide which treatment option to choose once they are presented by the spine specialist. When it comes to braces, most parents believe that there are no risks. But it’s a different case with a spine surgery – there are side effects and complications to consider.

Studies also show that many patients experience postoperative depression after spine surgery, which is why it’s important to show your love and support to the child after their treatment.

3 Things to Prepare Before the Surgery

Since parents are focused on taking care of their children before the surgery, some things might be overlooked. Here are three things you should prepare before the appointment:

1) Plan the Surgery Date

Finding a date that works for both the patient and the surgeon can be difficult. It’s best to check the academic calendar first and look for school holiday dates. If the surgeon’s schedule coincides with the school holiday, book that appointment immediately.

You can also ask the doctor for a letter detailing when the surgery is and how long the recovery time would be. This letter will be submitted to the school to inform them of the patient’s condition. It can also help estimate the expected time a tutor might be needed.

2) Inform Everyone

Meet the patient’s Principal or Guidance Counselor to inform them of the child’s current condition and when they might be back. If the patient needs it, you can also attempt to ask the school for a second set of books to take home, so that the patient can still catch up with the lessons as they recover.

Personally informing everyone else can be a huge chore. It’s better to just set up a positive phone chain updating all close friends and family about the patient.

3) Prepare a Packing List

Preparing a packing list will remind you which items should be brought to the hospital and which should be left at home. It’s also better to pack light – just bring a bathrobe, toothbrush, loose clothes, and underwear.

Waiting for the surgery to be completed can be grueling, so bring a book or whatever you are interested in to pass the time. It’s also essential to bring along whatever the patient is interested in – it could be a DVD of their favorite series or a couple of books.

Scoliosis Surgery for Teens at Scoliosis Associates

Here at Scoliosis Associates, we have over fifty years of experience when it comes to treating and taking care of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis patients. Our expert staff and surgeons provide teen patients with the highest level of care to help them recover quickly.

For professional care using the latest spine treatments, consult with us here at Scoliosis Associates. Visit our website to learn more.