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Treating Scoliosis with Anterior Scoliosis Correction in Connecticut

Treating Scoliosis with Anterior Scoliosis Correction in Connecticut

Most cases of scoliosis can be addressed with conservative, non-invasive methods.  But treating scoliosis with anterior scoliosis correction is the method in play when the thoracolumbar (right underneath the thoracic, in the lower mid-back) vertebrae are implicated.

Also referred to as VBT (vertebral body tethering), this surgical response answers the need for curvature improvement and takes advantage of future growth to support further curve mitigation.  For this reason, the anterior method is usually employed to treat growing young people, 10 years of age or over. Curvatures of between 30 and 70 percent can be treated using this technique.

Also deployed for those who have reached their full growth potential, but want to avoid traditional fusion, anterior scoliosis correction has been successfully used for many who struggle with scoliosis.

Improved mobility.

This response offers access to the vertebrae through the front of the spine, making for less trauma to the muscles.

The incision is made on the side of the chest or abdomen, rather than the front, as implied by the name of the treatment.  With this surgical style, surgeons offer patients improved mobility following surgery.

A superior response.

Regarded widely as a superior response to scoliosis (over traditional fusion), treating scoliosis with anterior scoliosis correction serves to address irregular bone growth.  When scoliosis is present, the curvature provoked by the condition puts undue stress on the implicated bone.

When vertebrae are under pressure, interior bone mass grows more slowly than exterior bone mass.  Over time, this causes deformity, which leads to dysfunction.

By correcting the secondary physical reaction to spinal curvature, the uneven load on the bones resulting from different rates of growth can be mitigated.

Titanium pedicle screws are inserted into affected vertebrae (those causing the curvature).  A flexible surgical cord is then threaded through them.  The cord is tightened by the surgeon, which has the instantaneous effect of straightening the spine.

Mitigation of the spinal curve occurs immediately.  Improvement continues over time, when scoliosis treatment with anterior scoliosis correction is deployed.

Dr.  Baron Lonner – specialized expertise.

Dr. Lonner is a leader in the treatment of pediatric and adult scoliosis and a pioneer in treating scoliosis with anterior scoliosis correction in Connecticut.

A professor of Orthopedic Surgery at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, Dr. Lonner’s specialized expertise in the field of orthopedics is widely acknowledged by peers.  Always seeking better ways to treat scoliosis patients, Dr. Lonner’s current work focuses on new directions in fusionless surgeries which maintain motion and growth.

Voted a Top Doctor on numerous occasions, patients from all over the world seek out this renowned surgeon.

Scoliosis & Spine.

As our name suggests, Scoliosis & Spine is a focused facility, specialized in the treatment of scoliosis and all conditions of the spine.  Dr. Lonner and his team at Scoliosis & Spine are in the vanguard of ongoing research, supporting patients with advanced contemporary therapies.

Treating scoliosis with anterior scoliosis correction in Connecticut is one of Dr. Lonner’s areas of specialization.  If you or your child is dealing with scoliosis, please contact us.