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E-Consultation For Scoliosis Near Me In NYC

Surely, we can all agree that we’re living in interesting times.  And these times demand new and innovative ways of doing things.

While the doctor/patient relationship is fundamental to clinical success, social distancing guidelines demand that we all do our part to help flatten the curve of COVID-19 infections, as the virus rages across the USA and around the globe.

That’s why Scoliosis Associates offers patients like my son the convenience of e-consultation for scoliosis near me in NYC.

Help Now – Not Later

Recently, I noticed that my son’s shoulders weren’t quite evenly aligned.  Of course, I hit the internet, trying to figure out what might be going on to cause this.

I discovered that children who present this trait may have scoliosis.  Prior to the pandemic’s restrictions, I’d taken him to see our primary care giver and imaging diagnostics were run.  We found out that I was right.  My boy has Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS).

Visiting a specialist’s office right now is the last thing we want to do.  But while I was learning more about scoliosis online, I discovered the specialists at Scoliosis & Spine.

Not only is this internationally renowned clinic led by award-winning scoliosis surgeon and research pioneer, Dr. Baron Lonner, it’s the place to come for clinical scoliosis support, when you need the convenience of an e-consultation.

I contacted the Scoliosis Associates and received a prompt response.

What You Need

The healthcare professionals at Scoliosis & Spine make setting up an e-consultation for scoliosis near me in NYC easy.

All you need is your diagnostics.  You can either send these by mail or courier or include them with your completed form.

The information you provide sets the foundation for understanding the condition you’re seeking a remote consultation for.  Without having to even go outside into our virus-ravaged world, you’ll get the help you need.

Expect a report from Scoliosis Associates within two weeks of submitting your information and payment.

That’s easy!  And the peace of mind our report came with made me feel much more confident about my son’s condition and treatment, moving forward.


Even though we’ve never even met Dr. Lonner or his staff, we know we’re in good hands.  This world-renowned surgeon has helped thousands of people, all over the world.

Scoliosis Associates specializes in all conditions of the spine, with a strong focus on AIS and other forms of scoliosis.  With a reputation that spans the globe and has propelled Dr. Lonner to international acclaim, I know my son’s going to be just fine.

Excellence is what Dr. Lonner and the team at Scoliosis Associates is all about and that gives parents like me confidence.

E-Consultation For Scoliosis Near Me In NYC

These interesting times demand that we all do things a little differently, so I was grateful for such a timely resource.

Without leaving the house, I was given a no nonsense, clinical assessment of my son’s scoliosis.  While we stay home to flatten the curve, we’re getting the support we need.

Contact Scoliosis Associates for your e-consultation.