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Innovative Scoliosis Treatment for Children 6-17 and Adults 18+‎ in Florida

Effective scoliosis treatment evolves continually and alternatives are coming online quickly.

Scoliosis patients now have many innovative treatments to choose from.  As treatment models are introduced, outcomes are improved, with innovative scoliosis treatment for children 6-17 and adults 18+ in Florida.

Medical professionals are thoughtfully combining therapies and marrying the 3 most commonly used traditional modalities – observation, bracing and, naturally, surgery – to innovation.

Innovative scoliosis treatment relies on a patient who is committed to and engaged with it.  Empowering scoliosis patients is part of what makes innovative scoliosis treatment so effective for patients of all ages.  It’s the patient who is the driver of getting ahead of the curve.

Observing Curve Progression

Observation is deployed in order to discern the most appropriate treatment.  With adolescent idiopathic scoliosis, observing curve progression renders information toward employing effective therapies.  Young people are still experiencing growth, so observing curvature progression is critical.

When curvatures are less than 20 degrees, observation combined with movement therapies has shown great results, especially when patients are committed to their therapy.

Scoliosis patients need personalized care.  So, observation supports the ability of clinical professionals to tailor treatment.

Curve Mitigation and Movement

While there’s currently no definitive research information about exercise therapy, the team at Scoliosis & Spine Associates has seen exceptional results employing this model of treatment.

First created in the 1920s, the Scroth Method is a kind of physical therapy designed expressly for scoliosis patients.

The treatment targets asymmetry provoked by a scoliosis curvature by using targeted exercises to strengthen muscles in the core which support the spine.  Muscles are lengthened through stretching.  This helps to reestablish balance, which mitigates the curve.

Patients learn more about their bodies, helping them understand how to manage their movement more effectively in everyday life.

While Scroth is patient-specific by design, other exercise programs can be combined into an individualized plan, with comparable results.

With the doctor supporting them, patients commit to exercise as a lifestyle that restores muscle balance and encourages them to take charge of their progress.

Depending on the curvature’s progression, independent movement may include all, one or several of Yoga, Pilates, swimming and other types of exercise.

A study done at the Chinese University of Hong Kong showed that Vitamin D and Calcium supplements can be an important part of scoliosis therapy.  Very effective for under-18s, participating patients saw remarkable improvement after 2 years on Vitamin D and Calcium supplement therapy, as well as much better bone mass.

These are only several notable examples of innovative scoliosis treatment for children 6-17 and adults 18+ in Florida.  As we mentioned above, scoliosis patients all have different needs.  With emerging therapeutic alternatives, clinicians are discovering ideal treatment plans for outstanding results.

Scoliosis & Spine Associates

At Scoliosis & Spine, our team is improving outcomes for patients living with scoliosis.  For scoliosis warriors of all ages, we’re experts who bring you the most revolutionary scoliosis treatment anywhere.

Experience the difference focused scoliosis expertise makes, with Dr. Lonner and his team.  Contact us.