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Innovative Scoliosis Treatment for Children in California

Treatment for scoliosis has evolved exponentially in recent times.  Now, children have access to innovative therapies and combined treatments which improve their quality of life daily.

Changes which have led to innovative scoliosis therapies for children in California have relied on the ability of doctors to adopt holistic strategies for treating scoliosis.  Until recently, 3 basic modalities have been deployed in most treatment plans (observation, bracing and if required as a last resort, surgery). Today, new approaches are emerging.

But at the heart of all truly innovative scoliosis treatment is the patient.  It’s the patient whose prerogative is to engage with therapy, working with clinicians.  In this model of treatment, the patient is a partner – not passive but active.

New modalities for scoliosis

Observation is an important part of an innovative treatment plan.  Especially effective for children who are growing, observing curvature progression is a key component of creating the right treatment program.

For curves at or under 20 degrees, observation in tandem with exercise therapies can be amazingly effective, especially with a patient who’s engaged with their treatment.

As changes present themselves, treatment strategy shifts, providing doctors with the freedom to select the most effective means of mitigating the curvature.  

Exercise and scoliosis

It’s crucial that our readers understand that exercise therapy has not yet collected a canon of supporting documentation via research.  That said, the team at Scoliosis & Spine Associates has seen tremendous results with this style of scoliosis therapy.

  • The Schroth Method:  Initiated in the 1920s, the Schroth Method is a program of physical therapy, expressly designed for scoliosis.  This style of movement therapy was created because “…scoliosis causes asymmetrical muscle groups in the back and supporting muscles, which in non-afflicted bodies are more symmetrical”.  So, Schroth deploys exercises specially designed to fortify spinal muscles, lengthening some and stretching others to provoke balance and symmetry. The muscles of the trunk are also developed.  Breathing techniques are employed, with therapy being specifically targeted to the patient’s needs. The patient engages with the body, learning about it and finding out how to work with it in daily life.
  • Independent, medically mandated exercise:  The goal is that movement therapy becomes a part of patient lives.  Depending on the progression of the curvature, independent exercise may implicate swimming, Pilates, Yoga and other types of exercise to improve and maintain physical strength and balance.  This kind of treatment empowers the patient to take ownership and to drive their own progress.
  • Supplements:  The Chinese University of Hong Kong conducted a study which showed that vitamin D and calcium supplements can dramatically change the outlook for children with scoliosis.  These results promise to help stop curvature progression. Participants in the study showed improvement after 2 years of supplement therapy, including better bone mass.

These are just some excellent examples of innovative scoliosis treatment for children in California. At Scoliosis & Spine, we take a personalized, patient-centered approach to treatment, creating individualized treatment programs that change lives, through innovation.

Contact us to discuss innovative scoliosis treatment in greater detail.