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Innovative Scoliosis Treatment for Children in Texas

Scoliosis treatment has changed a great deal in recent years.  Today, children can access innovative treatments and therapeutic combinations which are improving their quality of life daily.

It’s undeniable that changes which have led to innovative scoliosis treatment for children in Texas have hinged on the willingness of doctors to implement holistic approaches to treating scoliosis.  Until quite recently, 3 key modalities have been involved in most therapeutic programs (observation, bracing and if demanded, surgery). Today more options are emerging.

But centered in all modern and truly innovative scoliosis treatment is the patient.  It’s the patient who is called on to engage with treatment, working with medical professionals.  In this approach, the patient is an active partner – not a passive onlooker.

New horizons in scoliosis treatment

Observation is a key part of an innovative treatment strategy.  Particularly effective for children in their growing years, observing curve progression is a pivotal component of assembling the right therapeutic plan.

For curvatures at or under 20 degrees, observation combined with movement therapies can be extraordinarily effective, especially with a patient who’s engaged in the treatment process.

As changes occur, therapeutic strategy shifts, giving doctors the freedom to choose the most effective approach for mitigating the curve.  

Movement and scoliosis

It’s important that our readers understand that movement therapy has not yet amassed a body of supporting research documentation.  That said, the team at Scoliosis & Spine Associates has seen encouraging results with this sector of scoliosis treatment.

  • Schroth Method:  Invented in the 1920s, the Schroth Method is a scoliosis-centered program of physical therapy.  This type of exercise therapy is predicated on the reality that “…scoliosis leads to asymmetrical muscle groups in the back and supporting muscles, which in non-scoliosis bodies are more symmetrical”.  So, Schroth uses exercises intentionally developed to build up spinal muscles, stretching some and lengthening others to improve balance and symmetry. The muscles of the mid-section are also developed.  Breathing techniques are used, with treatment being finely individualized to the patient’s needs. The patient engages intimately with the body, learning about it and discovering how to work with it in daily life.
  • Independent, physician-guided exercise:  Patients are supported in making movement therapy a part of their lives.  Depending on the progression of the curve, independent movement may combine Pilates, Yoga, swimming and other forms of exercise to enhance and stabilize physical balance and strength.  This type of therapy empowers the patient to take control and to lead their own progress.
  • Supplement therapy:  The Chinese University of Hong Kong led a study which revealed that vitamin D and calcium supplements can drastically change the prognosis for children with scoliosis.  These findings promise to help cease curvature progression. Participants in the study enjoyed improvement after 2 years of supplement therapy, including denser bone mass.

These are just some leading examples of innovative scoliosis treatment for children in Texas. At Scoliosis & Spine, we take a highly personalized, patient-centered approach to therapy, constructing individualized therapeutic strategies that change lives.

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