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Innovative Scoliosis Treatment for Children in New Jersey

Scoliosis treatment has come a long way in recent decades.  Children today have access to marvelously innovative therapies and combinations thereof which are drastically improving their prognoses.

Part of the evolution of innovative scoliosis treatment for children in New Jersey resides in the willingness of doctors in the sector to explore more holistic avenues of addressing the condition.  While traditionally, there are 3 prominent modalities implicated in most treatment plans (observation, bracing and if required, surgery), today there are many more.

But at the heart of all truly contemporary and genuinely innovative scoliosis treatment is the patient.  It’s the patient who is charged with engaging with treatment, in collaboration with medical professionals.  The patient in this model is not a passive bystander, but an active participant.

Beyond Bracing

Observation is a key ingredient of an innovative approach.  Especially useful for children in their growing years, gauging curve progression is a crucial component of applying the right treatment model.

For curves at or under 20 degrees, observation combined with movement therapies can be highly effective, especially with a patient who’s determined and passionate about success.

As changes present, therapeutic models shift, allowing clinicians to work with the individual and what’s most effective for curve mitigation.

Movement Is Key

We’ll be the first to tell you that movement/exercise therapy has yet to gather an empirical (evidentiary) foundation.  That said, the team at Scoliosis & Spine Associates has seen material results with this style of treating scoliosis.


Developed in the 1920s, the Schroth Method is a scoliosis-centered program of physical therapy.  At the center of this style of movement therapy is the assertion that “…scoliosis involves asymmetrical muscle groups in the back and elsewhere, which in non-scoliosis bodies are more evenly symmetrical”.

So, Schroth involves exercises specifically created to strengthen spinal muscles, stretching some and lengthening others to create more symmetry and balance.  The muscles of the core are also engaged.  Breathing techniques are employed, with treatment being highly individualized to the patient’s unique needs.  The patient learns about their own body, engaging with it and discerning how to work with their bodies in everyday life.

Independent, Doctor-Directed Exercise

Patients are also encouraged to accommodate exercise therapy as a part of their lives.  Depending on the extent of the curve, independent exercise may include Yoga, Pilates, swimming and other forms of exercise to maintain strength and physical balance.  This type of therapy empowers the patient to take charge and to own their progress.

Calcium + Vitamin D

The Chinese University of Hong Kong conducted a study which established that supplements can change the game for children with scoliosis.  This finding promises to help prevent curvature progression.  Program participants saw tremendous improvement after 2 years on supplement therapy, including increased bone mass.

These are just a few examples of emerging innovative scoliosis treatment for children in New Jersey. At Scoliosis & Spine, we take a highly personalized, patient-centered approach to treatment, creating individualized frameworks that change lives.

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