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World Class Kyphosis Treatment In NYC/NJ With Scoliosis & Spine Associates

World Class Kyphosis Treatment In NYC/NJ

The spine naturally curves at certain points.  But when these curves become overly pronounced, “hyperkyphosis” is the medical term used to describe them.  There are several types of hyperkyphosis to consider.  These are:

  • Postural – this is a spinal curve resulting from poor posture. It can most certainly be corrected with the support of a therapist skilled in posture correction therapy.
  • Structural – this type of spinal curve is not so easily corrected and may be sharp or angular.
  • Primary – usually the result of genetics, this type of kyphosis presents in children and adolescents, generally becoming apparent between the ages of 12 and 14.
  • Secondary – this is caused by a problem in another part of the spine (for example, a fracture, or disc degeneration).

Because of the various types and degrees of kyphosis, there several clinical responses in play.  At Scoliosis & Spine Associates, we specialize in anomalies and conditions affecting the spine.  We offer both non-surgical and surgical solutions to treat the condition, depending on the type of hyperkyphosis presenting and the symptoms being experienced by the patient.


For many patients, bracing can cease the progression of spinal curves, supporting the spine toward the reduction and eventual elimination of the curve involved, depending on severity.

Surgical braces to correct kyphosis are specially designed and fitted to be worn under clothing.  Bracing will almost always be accompanied by a therapeutic program of exercise and hands-on therapy, tailored to the patient’s condition and varying in type and intensity.

Surgical solutions.

Surgery is indicated when patients are experiencing severe physical impairment and all other avenues of treatment have been exhausted.  Because our team at Scoliosis and Spine approaches surgery conservatively, we resort to it only when patient quality of life demands that we do so.

Unique surgical solutions correct spinal alignment and encourage the re-establishment of normal spinal curves, enhancing stability.  Surgical correction for kyphosis is a major procedure, requiring extended medical support, recovery and rehabilitation.  At Scoliosis & Spine, we come on the journey toward healing with you, ensuring the best possible outcome.

Our clinic Director.

Dr. Baron Lonner is Scoliosis and Spine’s Director.  An internationally-renowned expert in anomalies and conditions affecting the spine, he’s also Professor of orthopedic surgery at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Dr. Lonner has received countless awards for his exceptional work in the field of treatment for patients with conditions of the spine.

Dr. Lonner’s extensive knowledge of conditions of the spine and therapeutic responses to them serves patients in NYC/NJ with world class expertise.

World class care for kyphosis.

Kyphosis treatment options in NYC/NJ, from non-invasive options to surgery, are all available at Scoliosis & Spine Associates.   Our team’s mission is to restore patient quality of life, offering outstanding care for kyphosis, from surgery to bracing, combined with supportive therapies.

Contact us to take your first step on the journey toward healing.  The team at Scoliosis & Spine is here to join you on your journey to a better quality of life.