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Expert Support for Minimally Invasive Spondylolisthesis Treatment In NYC/NJ

Expert Support for Minimally Invasive Spondylolisthesis Treatment In NYC/NJ

Spondylolisthesis affects about 4% of the population and results from a genetic failure in the formation of bone, causing one vertebrae to slip over a neighboring one.  While the condition is not always painful, it can result in changes to the length of the torso and gait, as well as leg weakness and muscle spasms.

Patients often discover the condition while visiting their doctors about something else.  Because there’s often no pain in the less severe cases of the condition, it can go unnoticed.

It’s when spondylolisthesis reaches a level of severity that causes impaired function that minimally invasive treatment is recommended.  Severity of the condition can present as neurological damage, radically impaired mobility or extreme disability.  When all non-invasive, conservative alternatives have been exhausted, minimally invasive spondylolisthesis treatment in NYC/NJ is available with the experts at Scoliosis and Spine Associates.

Minimally invasive spondylolisthesis treatment.

The spinal instability caused by spondylolisthesis can be addressed most commonly by a laminectomy and fusion.  This minimally invasive procedure widens the spinal canal to relieve pressure on sensitive nerves, thus relieving pain.

Part of the implicated disc may also be removed and the vertebrae fused to prevent further damage and allow normative function.

This procedure is only required in cases in which one vertebrae has slipped over another to a degree of 50% ore more.  Prior to this level of severity, the condition is treatable via non-invasive therapeutic responses.

Expert support for spondylolisthesis patients in NYC/NJ.

The Scoliosis and Spine Associates team consists of compassionate professionals, expertly trained in spinal anomalies and how to treat them.  At Scoliosis and Spine, we’re conservative about treatment.  With supportive diagnostic protocols, we identify the progression of your condition and proceed accordingly, determining the most appropriate therapy.

From a wide range of therapeutic responses, we’ll apply those best adapted to your condition and its severity, walking with you every step of the way, toward healing.

Your quality of life comes first.

Enhancing patient quality of life is our mission.  We’ll present you with alternatives to surgery to relieve and correct spondylolisthesis, only resorting to surgery when necessary.  Our approach is based on the findings of research into the condition, calling on non-invasive therapies in many instances.

The team at Scoliosis and Spine treats our patients like members of our own families, bringing them compassionate care and total commitment to their wellbeing.

Baron Lonner, MD.

An internationally celebrated specialist in scoliosis and anomalies of the spine, Dr. Lonner is Professor of orthopedic surgery at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. He’s received numerous awards for his inspiring work in the field of spinal anomalies and their treatment.

World class care.

Scoliosis & Spine Associates offers our patients the best clinical support available, with world class care that puts your wellbeing first.

Minimally-invasive spondylolisthesis treatment in NYC/NJ may not be the answer in your case.  But from our suite of therapeutic services, we’ll find the solution that works for you.

Contact us to take your first step on the journey toward healing.