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Non-operative Scoliosis Treatment in Florida

Non-operative Scoliosis Treatment in Florida

Scoliosis affects between 2 and 3% of the USA’s population.  Predominantly seen as idiopathic scoliosis (“cause unknown”), young people are those most likely to live with this condition of the spine.  That’s even more true of girls aged between 10 and 18.  For girls in this cohort life is already socially awkward and “fitting in” when you’re living with scoliosis can be tough sometimes.

Treatment for scoliosis is practiced according to the severity of the curve and how quickly it progresses.  For the most part, curves under 25-degrees are treated with solely observation, as the curve’s progression is closely observed to inform the therapeutic way forward.

If a curve of this severity is seen to be progressing or has progressed to between 25 and 40-degrees, bracing is applied.

When curvatures are over 45%, surgical interventions may be included in a discussion of therapeutic options

Bracing Innovation

While there was little innovation in the realm of scoliosis bracing for quite some time, long-awaited bracing models are emerging, like the UnyqAlign.  This innovative style of bracing was introduced at a fashion show, showcasing its imminently breathable construction.  The UnyqAlign answers a pressing need for bracing which serves the leading group living with scoliosis – tween and teen girls.  They’re much more likely to wear the UnyqAlign because of its comfort and attractive, unbulky appearance.

This new style of brace also delivers 3D curve correction, in contrast to the traditional methodology of side-to-side pressure alone.

Scroth Method

Designed in Germany, Scroth is purpose-built to address the physical needs of individual scoliosis patients, strengthening muscles and improving flexibility, posture and breathing.  The Method helps boost body-positivity and confidence.

When Scroth is paired with bracing, empowerment is achieved and patients are more clinically integrated, becoming part of the project of their healing.  They take charge of their therapeutic experience, wearing their braces for the doctor-mandated number of hours every day and performing their exercises.

Family Matters

Doctors know that family history is instructive when treating young patients with scoliosis.  If close relatives or parents have been treated by less-developed methods in the past, it’s almost inevitable that they’ll have disturbing memories of bracing and the discomfort once associated with the therapy.

This factor may cause them to be less than enthusiastic about bracing therapy, so it’s a best practice to involve patient families.  Educating them about changes in non-operative scoliosis treatment shows them that great change has occurred since their youth.

Non-Operative Scoliosis Treatment In Florida

The name of our clinic is who we are.  We’re called Scoliosis and Spine Associates, as scoliosis is central to our work and our mission.

Dr. Baron Lonner is a leading expert in the sector and widely renowned as a chief proponent of evolving non-operative scoliosis treatment in Florida.  On the front lines of scoliosis innovation and research, his award-winning contributions are internationally recognized.

If you or someone you love is ready to benefit from the outstanding expertise at Scoliosis and Spine, we invite you to contact us.

Experience world-leading non-operative scoliosis treatment in Florida with our team.