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Scoliosis Consultation Near me in PA

Our fondest wish for our children is that they thrive.  We want them to have successful, full lives.

So, when I noticed that my son’s shoulders were uneven, I was worried about what that could mean.  I knew that scoliosis was a possibility, but my understanding of the condition was minimal.

I educated myself about scoliosis and existing treatments, to get a better handle on it.  That’s how I came across information about Dr. Lonner, at Scoliosis & Spine Associates.

Scoliosis Expertise

Dr. Lonner is an internationally recognized expert in the treatment of all types of scoliosis, with a specialization in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS).  His team is famed for increasing existing medical knowledge by pursuing ongoing research and pioneering new therapeutic models, including surgery.

While it was difficult, as a parent, not to be a little worried, I was encouraged by reading about Dr. Lonner’s work on behalf of scoliosis patients.  I was comforted to know there was a doctor of this skill in the Northeast USA.

Once I’d read about the many therapeutic possibilities, I knew it was time to take my son to Scoliosis Associates for a scoliosis consultation near me in PA, with Dr. Lonner.

Finding Hope

When I took my son for his scoliosis consultation near me in PA, I was struck immediately by the warmth and professionalism of the staff.

And Dr. Lonner was incredible.  He’s a caring professional who’s genuinely concerned for the wellbeing of his patients.   Any anxiety we’d been experiencing before the consultation evaporated.

We talked about my son’s medical history, with an emphasis on symptoms like breathing problems and pain.  A physical examination was then performed, including an analysis of his curvature, using a tool which created an image to assess its status.

Next, we conferred what the images revealed in terms of a care plan and the time involved in my son’s treatment.

By the time we left, we were both filled with hope.  The anxiety and doubt we’d struggled with before going in were replaced by confidence.

World-Class Care

I’m grateful that my son is in Dr. Lonner’s care.  He is a superlative doctor.

I feel really lucky to be able to work with this distinguished scoliosis professional. His research work helps all his patients and while my son probably won’t require surgery, I know that Dr. Lonner’s care is changing the lives of his patients.

We’re watching my son’s curve and working with physical therapists.  As we track the curve’s status, every day is a step toward healing and wholeness.

Dr. Lonner lives up to his international reputation.  My son’s embrace of the care plan and his continuing progress have proven that I made the right decision coming to Scoliosis Associates.

Scoliosis & Spine Associates

Rest assured that you’re working with the most contemporary and extensive scoliosis care available anywhere, when you work with Scoliosis Associates.

With this incredible team of healthcare professionals standing with and for you, you’ll know you’ve come to the right place.  Contact them for a scoliosis consultation.