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Scoliosis Surgery Preparation In Brooklyn, NY

Scoliosis Surgery Preparation In Brooklyn, NY

Surgery is serious business. That’s why preparing for it demands that patients enjoy clear and open communication with their surgeons.

At Scoliosis & Spine Associates, we prepare out pre-operative patients with open communication.  We need them to be aware of what’s involved.  Successful scoliosis surgery preparation in the Brooklyn, NY is rooted in forthright, two-way communication.


Clearance for surgery must be obtained prior to scheduling.  Every patient should be aware of this requirement, obtaining clearance from their primary caregiver (GP or obstetrician, in the case of children and youth).

Patients should be prepared to work with their surgeons to prepare their bodies, with pre-surgical exercises.  These will strengthen their musculatures and immune systems and speed the recovery process.

Smokers should know that cigarette-smoking makes fusion more difficult.  It can also interfere with general anesthetic and healing.  Smoking cessation must commence as soon as surgery is scheduled and maintained through the recovery process.

Diagnostic needs.

A range of diagnostics will be run before surgery to ensure your surgeon’s aware of the current status of your spine.  This is a crucial factor in scoliosis surgery preparation in Brooklyn, NY.  The curvature of the spine can change between visits for diagnostics.  Diagnostics provide necessary information for your surgeon.

Patients may be asked to attend for MRIs, ultrasounds, X-Rays and a variety of other tests to ensure precision in the operating room.  Some of these tests determine the patient’s overall health and monitor factors like renal and other functions.

Risk and mitigation.

All surgery has an element of risk.  It’s important for patients to know this so at Scoliosis & Spine, we’re diligent about talking to patients about it.  But we also advise that most patients who undergo scoliosis surgery recover without complications.

Spine surgery comes with a miniscule risk of neurological damage.  The spinal structure and its associated nerves make operating on this structure highly-specialized.  But the risk involved affects only 0.5% of all surgeries performed.

Bleeding is a risk accompanying all surgical procedures.   But by the same token, patients need to know that hypotensive anesthesia lowers blood pressure, greatly reducing the risk of excessive bleeding.

Infection is the most common surgical complication.  Surgeons apply extreme diligence to prevent it by administering antibiotics before, during and after the operation.  This safeguards patients against the risk of infection very effectively.

Scoliosis surgery preparation in Brooklyn, NY with Scoliosis & Spine Associates is a collaborative process of patient education.  All our patients are provided with the information they need to prepare for scoliosis surgery as informed and aware participants.  This supports them by building up their trust and confidence.

Under the expert guidance of Scoliosis & Spine’s team, patients are involved in every stage of the process – pre-surgical preparation, surgery, and recovery.  We include them as partners, ensuring they’re ready and that they know what to expect.

Scoliosis & Spine Associates offers a team of spine care specialists, with a keen focus on patient outcomes and safety.  Contact us to find out more about scoliosis surgery preparation in Brooklyn, NY.