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Scoliosis Surgery Preparation In New York, NY

Scoliosis Surgery Preparation In New York, NY

Preparing for any surgery requires a sober approach by the patient and outstanding communication between patient and practitioner.

At Scoliosis & Spine Associates, we’re dedicated to maintaining clear communication with our patients, assuring they’re fully informed and know what to expect.  We walk our patients through scoliosis surgery preparation in New York, NY knowing that patient preparation is a key factor in surgical success.


Clearance for any procedure is a must, prior to scheduling surgery.  This is something every patient should be aware of and obtain from their primary caregiver (GP, or obstetrician, in the case of children and youth).

Patients should work with their surgeons to ensure their bodies are adequately prepared, with a course of pre-surgical exercises which strengthen their musculature and immune system and serve to speed recovery.

Patients who smoke should be aware that smoking makes fusion more difficult and further, that it interferes with general anesthetic and healing.  It’s important that cessation is pursued as soon as surgery is scheduled.

Know what tests are required.

Prior to surgery, a variety of tests will be performed to ensure that the surgeon’s aware of the exact status of the spine.  This is extremely important for scoliosis surgery preparation in New York, NY, as the curvature of the spine may change between visits for diagnostics.  Testing provides important information for your surgeon.

Patients may be asked to undergo ultrasounds, MRIs, X-Rays and a range of other diagnostics to ensure precision in the operating room.  Some testing concerns the patient’s overall state of health and monitors renal and other crucial functions.

Risk awareness.

Every surgery comes with risk.  This is crucial for patient understanding and something we’re diligent about at Scoliosis & Spine Associates.  It’s important to remember that most patients undergoing scoliosis surgery emerge without incident and on the path to enhanced function and recovery.

There is a very small risk of neurological damage, due to the involvement of the spine and the network of nerves concerned.  This risk amounts to 0.5% of all cases.  Bleeding is another concern, as it is with any operation.  Hypotensive anesthesia serves to lower patient blood pressure, reducing the risk of excessive bleeding.

Finally, infection is the most common surgical complication.  Surgeons seek to avoid this by administering antibiotics prior to, during and following the operation, to minimize the risk factor as much as possible.

Scoliosis surgery preparation in New York, NY with Scoliosis & Spine Associates is a process of educating the patient and providing them with all the information they need to approach the procedure fully informed.  The team here knows how important it is for patients to feel prepared, as well as be physically ready for any surgical intervention.

Under the careful guidance of our team, patients are part of their own therapy, as we involve them as partners in the process.  We need them to come to surgery advised and ready.

Scoliosis & Spine Associates specializes in advanced spine care, with a strong focus on patient outcomes and safety.  Contact us to find out more.