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Scoliosis Treatment Options In New York With Leading Experts at Scoliosis & Spine Associates

Scoliosis Treatment Options In New York

Scoliosis presents in many ways across a wide spectrum of patients with the condition.  Scoliosis treatment options in New York are as varied as those who need them.  At Scoliosis & Spine Associates, we bring our patients personalized, compassionate care that recognizes their uniqueness, beginning with close observation of the condition’s progression.

For children and youth, observation is crucial.  Monitoring spinal curvature is a vital part of that, as well as the curvature’s location.  Because children and young people are still growing, a range of treatment options will be considered, based on our observations.

Improving quality of life.

Improving patient quality of life is our mission at Scoliosis & Spine Associates.  We present alternatives to surgery to alleviate pain and correct the spinal curvature caused by scoliosis.  We take a conservative approach, based on the findings of scientific research into the condition.  Non-surgical treatments can be effective for many people living with spinal abnormalities.

Scoliosis and Spine’s team treats our patients like members of our own families, offering them compassionate care and total dedication to their wellbeing.

Collaborative care.

Any effective therapeutic approach is rooted in the patient’s commitment to the process.   Our patients learn to connect with their therapy in an intentional setting of education and empowerment.  At Scoliosis and Spine, we practice collaborative care and journey with our patients toward an enhanced quality of life.

People who connect deeply with their treatment plans develop a more intimate relationship with their bodies.  Our team fosters two-way communication, flowing between clinician and patient.  This builds the crucial bond of trust so important to therapeutic success, while empowering patients.

Scoliosis treatment options in New York, like targeted exercise and postural realignment, invite patients to participate in their own healing, with the support of our team.  We provide our patients with clinical guidelines which encourage them toward a deeper connection with their bodies.  The effect is that they recognize changes taking place which are moving them closer to normative function.  This is genuine empowerment.

Clinic Director, Baron Lonner, MD.

Dr. Lonner is our clinic’s Director.  An internationally-recognized expert in scoliosis and abnormalities of the spine, he’s also Professor of orthopedic surgery at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Dr. Lonner has received countless awards and accolades for his outstanding work in the field of scoliosis treatment options in New York.

He’s also a member of the Board of the Scoliosis Research Society, where he’s actively engaged in innovations in scoliosis therapy.  Dr. Lonner’s expertise is here to serve patients in New York.

Advanced care for scoliosis patients.

Scoliosis treatment options in New York, from non-surgical alternatives to minimally invasive surgery, are all available here at Scoliosis & Spine.   From the Scroth Method, to collaborative physical therapy and surgical solutions, our team offers scoliosis patients advanced therapeutic options.

Contact us to discover advanced care for scoliosis patients and to take your first step on the journey toward healing.  The team at Scoliosis & Spine is ready to take that journey with you.