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Spinal Fusion Surgery For Scoliosis Near Me In PA

Spinal fusion surgery addresses advanced, serious examples of scoliosis.  For example:

  • Children with moderate or advanced curves which continue to progress. This applies also to adult patients experiencing severe symptoms.
  • Pain and mobility problems which reduce quality of life.
  • Bracing is not applicable or has failed.
  • Compromised breathing.
  • Children under 12 with severe curves. Some surgeons counsel against spinal fusion for children under 12, to prevent stunted spinal growth. But there are cases in which SFS is only feasible way forward. When dysfunction and deformity have become unmanageable by other means, spinal fusion is deployed.

Spinal fusion surgery corrects instability in the spine.  When the spine not stable, function is reduced throughout the body.

Spinal Fusion Surgery For Scoliosis Near Me In PA

Now that I’ve shared with you the patients that spinal fusion surgery is mostly likely to benefit, I can tell you my story.

I’ve had spinal fusion surgery for scoliosis near me in PA. I’ve never felt better.

As someone living with Adult Degenerative Scoliosis, my curve had become extreme.  This reality impacted every minute of my life.  Work was challenging, but so was performing the simplest daily tasks.

I’d been working with several healthcare professionals for quite a while but when I spoke with my primary care doctor, he urged me to schedule a consultation with Scoliosis Associates, to find out more about spinal fusion surgery.

Award-Winning Support

I knew that I was in the most skilled hands in the world, immediately.  Dr. Baron Lonner is an award-winning spine surgeon, completely committed to giving patients like me superior scoliosis care.  His work has taken him around the world to share his knowledge with children and adults with scoliosis.

In the forefront of research and development of emerging and more clinically effective ways to improve his patients’ quality of life, Dr. Lonner is an international scoliosis leader.

Not only was I totally comfortable with Dr. Lonner and his outstanding team, I had unshakeable confidence in his advice and the quality of his support.

Quality of Life Restored

Spinal fusion surgery for scoliosis near me in PA restored my quality of life.  My spine is stable now and while I may have lost some mobility, I’m not living in physical dysfunction and pain now.  I have the world-class team at Scoliosis Associates to thank for that.  I’m living again!

From assessment through recovery, Dr. Lonner and his team were at my side as partners.  Recovery was was demanding but now that It’s over, every moment was worth it and then some.

I was only able to get here because of the exceptional care provided by Dr. Lonner and his Gold Star staff.

Scoliosis Associates

If you’re a parent to a child with a serious curve or an adult living with advanced scoliosis, reach out to the professionals at Scoliosis Associates.  Experience spinal fusion surgery for scoliosis in NYC and how it can restore your quality of life.

Everyone deserves to get ahead of the curve.

Contact them or arrange an E-consult.