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Wearing Your New Brace

Wearing Your New Brace

The following instructions may help you as you adjust to wearing a new brace:

a. The average time to adjust to your new brace ranges from 3 days to 2 weeks.
b. You should be wearing the brace full time at the end of 2 weeks.
a. Try to sleep in the brace the first night.
b. If it awakens you and you can’t fall back to sleep, remove it.
c. Repeat the process again the following night until you are able to sleep a full night in the brace.
a. Wear the brace to school.
b. Wear the brace as long as possible during the school day.
c. Take a shopping bag with you to school. Remove the brace if it hurts or if you feel fatigued. Place it in the bag. Reapply the brace when you get home.
d. Repeat this process until you are able to wear the brace for a full school day.
a. Wear 100% cotton undershirts to absorb moisture and protect the skin.
b. Avoid synthetic blend undershirts.
c. Change your undershirt as often as necessary, particularly if it become moist from perspiration.
d. At least two changes a day are recommended.
e. With each shirt change, repeat the application of corn starch.
f. Apply corn starch liberally to your body to absorb perspiration.

If you have a problem with your brace, such as:

* brace digging into your body
* back of your brace overlapping when the straps are pulled tight
* straps not holding

Please call the Orthotist (bracemaker) directly to correct the problem as soon as possible.