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Unyq Align™ Brace: A Beautiful Way to Treat Scoliosis


The Innovative UNYQ Align™ Brace is Available to Our Patients

The UNYQ Align™ Brace is latest addition to the available bracing options and has a number of distinct advantages. Traditional braces lack ventilation and breathability making the patient feel hot and constricted. Through 3D scanning, printing, and revolutionary digital design, the UNYQ Align™ brace is a custom-fit, lightweight, breathable and personalized scoliosis brace. Patient compliance (wearing the brace for the prescribed number of hours) is important in bracing success.  The innovative design and comfort of the UNYQ Align™ brace allows for higher patient satisfaction and, ultimately, favorable treatment success.


Handheld 3D Scan


3D Image of Patient


Handheld 3D Scan


Handheld 3D Scan

To produce an UNYQ Align brace, a 3D scan is first captured of the patient’s torso using a handheld 3D scanner. The patient scan is then imported into UNYQ’s proprietary design software, where it is modified into a corrected position. The brace is then generated custom fit to the patient’s modified scan, and personalized with a breathable lattice pattern selected by the patient. Finally, the brace is made.  The brace is then assembled and fit to the patient by our expert physicians and orthotist. Patients continue follow up and brace guidance with our team.


Patient Testimonial:
Lily is a 13 year-old-girl from New York. She is one of our UNYQ brace patients and has been wearing her brace for 6 months now. Lily is a freshman at The Scholar’s Academy and is very passionate about the arts. She loves music, drama and is an active member of her school’s musical theater department. She has played various roles in musical productions at her school and a local theater group. Lily also loves playing soccer and reading dystopian novels. Dr. Murthy is treating Lily with this newly developed approach that is great for active patients. We are very happy that Lily is able to continue her passions while in the UNYQ brace!!


“I am a ninth grade student at the Scholars' Academy. I am an active student in my school. I participate in various clubs and activities such as theater, student government, and JV soccer. I also participate in various out of school activities like CYO swimming, Rockaway Theater Program, and volunteer work with Fourteen Sculptors. During my free time, I like to go biking on the Rockaway boardwalk and play soccer with my sisters, friends, and neighbors in our backyard. I also enjoy trips to NYC or all the way to Rincon, Puerto Rico. I also enjoy spending time with my family and BFF, Lauren. Lauren always offers to help me with my brace and is very kind mannered about it. Lauren and I always are doing fun activities, whether it be going to our school dance or visiting museums with our other friends. With the brace I am still able to complete all these activities and more. I feel confident in my brace and hope others that wear one will too.”

- Lily Mikell

UNYQ Align™ Brace Patient X-Rays

Below are the X-Rays of a current UNYQ Align™ Brace Patient. The first image shows her scoliosis curve before bracing of 44° and the second image is an in-brace X-Ray that shows the 16 degree correction the UNYQ Align™ Brace has had on her curve in the first two months of wear.