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Dr. Lonner Presents Research at Annual Scoliosis Research Society Meeting

Dr. Lonner Presents Research at Annual Scoliosis Research Society Meeting

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The Scoliosis Research Society was founded in 1965 with a twofold mission: to educate surgeons and to facilitate optimal care of patients with scoliosis and other spinal deformities. The annual meeting of the Scoliosis Research Society brings together medical leaders from all over the globe with the overarching aim of the society in mind, providing researchers and medical practitioners with a forum to share new research and discuss important trends in order to improve the quality of treatment and care options for patients with spinal deformities. Our own Dr. Baron Lonner, MD, a top scoliosis spine surgeon and member of the Board of Directors of the SRS, spoke at this year’s annual meeting, which was held earlier this month in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Dr. Lonner is the chief of the Division of Spine Surgery Mount Sinai Beth Israel, as well as a leading professor of Orthopedic Surgery.

“The Scoliosis Research Society is comprised of leaders and practicing surgeons from around the world who gather every year to share current research and trends in the care of patients with scoliosis and spinal deformities,” Dr. Lonner explained. “This society has spread knowledge amongst surgeons around the world that has directly impacted hundreds of thousands of patients. Members of the SRS have become my friends and our collaborations together have furthered the well-being of patients, their treatment with surgical and non-surgical techniques, and led to improved and safer results or outcomes following surgery.”

Scoliosis Research Society Meeting

Dr. Lonner was especially honored to be a part of this year’s annual meeting, as it was dedicated to commemorating advancements made in the care and treatment of those with spinal deformities. “This year’s meeting was special because it was a celebration of our collective history and the lessons we have learned in helping our patients,” Dr. Lonner said. “I was honored to have three podium presentations, including one in which I discussed the latest techniques in scoliosis and kyphosis care.” He also presented papers on decreasing blood loss in scoliosis surgery and operative treatment of Scheuermann kyphosis, a condition that increases the normal round back in the upper spine, resulting in a hunchback-like appearance.

Dr. Lonner and the SRS Board of Directors

Dr. Lonner and the SRS Board of Directors

Over the course of the past 50 years, the Scoliosis Research Society has positively impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of patients. Dr. Lonner is proud to be a member of this society and to serve its overarching mission, having served on several of the organization’s taskforces. Dr. Lonner is a leading spine surgeon in the Mount Sinai Hospital and Health System and is the Chief of the Division of Spine Surgery at Mount Sinai Beth Israel. As an active researcher and having presented dozens of research papers in meetings around the world, Dr. Lonner hopes to continue making valuable advancements in the field of spinal deformities.

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