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Innovative Scoliosis Treatment for Children 6-17 and Adults 18+‎ in Pennsylvania

Treatments for patients of all ages who have a scoliosis affected spines are continually changing, and new options are always being explored.

Scoliosis patients now have many options to choose from.  As therapeutic models come into being outcomes improve, with innovative scoliosis treatment for children 6-17 and adults 18+ in Pennsylvania.

Medical professionals are creatively layering treatments and combining the 3 most common traditional approaches – observation, bracing and, of course, surgery – with innovation.

Innovative scoliosis treatment requires a patient who believes in and is engaged with it.  For innovative scoliosis treatment to be as effective as it can be, it’s the patient who must drive getting ahead of the curve, with genuine commitment.

Why observe the curve?

Observation is used to help medical professionals decide the best treatment for mitigating the curve.

With adolescent idiopathic scoliosis, observing curvature progression leads to the most effective therapies.  Young people are still growing, so observing curve progression is fundamental.

Curves of less than 20 degrees have shown tremendous results, when observation is paired with movement therapies.  This is doubly so when patients believe in their treatment and in themselves.

Scoliosis patients need individualized care.  So, observation provides a road map for medical professionals to create treatments that fit.

Moving the curve

While there’s no definitive research to draw on concerning movement therapy, the team at Scoliosis & Spine Associates has seen superior results with this treatment.

The Scroth Method was created in the 1920s and is a type of physical therapy expressly designed for scoliosis curves.

Scroth’s goal is to reduce asymmetry due to a scoliosis curve, using focused exercises to strengthen muscles supporting the spine.  Muscular balance restored, the curve is mitigated.

Patients come to an understanding of their bodies, supporting better physical self-awareness, leading to increased wellness.

While Scroth is deliberately patient-specific, other exercise models may be combined to achieve results across a spectrum of patients.

Under clinical guidance, patients commit to exercise as part of their lifestyles.   This puts them in charge of their own wellbeing, while developing a balanced musculature.

Appropriate at some curve acuities, independent movement may combine all, one or several   of swimming, Pilates and other exercise models.

A study from the Chinese University of Hong Kong shared that Calcium and Vitamin D supplements can be a strong support in scoliosis therapy.  Proven very effective for under-18s, participating patients saw encouraging improvement after 2 years on Vitamin D and Calcium supplement therapy, with greater bone density also observed.

These are only a few of many notable examples of innovative scoliosis treatment for children 6-17 and adults 18+ in Pennsylvania.  As we’ve already mentioned, each scoliosis patient is unique.  With ever-changing therapeutic alternatives, doctors are constructing individualized treatment plans for extraordinary results.

Scoliosis & Spine Associates

At Scoliosis & Spine, our team goes to bat for patients working on “the curve”.  For scoliosis patients of all ages, we’re committed to bringing you exceptional care and support in scoliosis therapy.

We’re scoliosis specialists and we welcome you to contact us.