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June Is Scoliosis Awareness Month

As a member of the Scoliosis Research Society, Dr. Baron Lonner is happy to announce that June is Scoliosis Awareness Month. All over the United States of America, the Society will be raising awareness about scoliosis and its treatment.


It was in 2008 that the National Scoliosis Foundation received the first official public proclamation from the US House of Representatives. Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz (PA) declared that each June would be a month of education and awareness about patient care, screening, privacy, and protection.

In 2009, the Scoliosis Research Society joined forces with the NSF to engage in a coordinated national program reaching across institutions, including schools, hospitals, clinics and private practices.

NSF and SRS are now joined by the International Research Society for Spinal Deformity and the Society on Scoliosis Orthopedic and Rehabilitative Treatment. Scoliosis Awareness month is an annual event which provides professionals in the field with a forum for raising the profile of scoliosis.

Campaign objectives.

Based on the statement: “The sooner detected, the better corrected”, Scoliosis Awareness Month hopes to diffuse the importance of early detection and the effectiveness of the therapeutic intervention with bracing.

To that end and in the service of greater public awareness, we wish to see every state, commonwealth, and district officially declare and observe June as Scoliosis Awareness Month to further educational efforts all over the USA.

At the community level, we encourage and support local advocacy and events which highlight scoliosis and its treatment. Part of this effort involves bringing together stakeholders like patients and their families, physicians and clinicians, to collaborate for enhanced care, screening, privacy and protection for those living with scoliosis.

By building communicative, collaborative networks, we hope to bring more public attention to the work we’re doing in the field and to the challenges of people with scoliosis.

What you can do.

While our goal to have June officially declared Scoliosis Awareness Month in every corner of the USA is becoming more reality than dream every year, we’re still not there. This year, SRS will contact Governors in all states who’ve not yet proclaimed, to respectfully request that they join the rising movement supporting scoliosis awareness across the country.

That’s why we’re calling on you to join us and do your part to raise awareness about scoliosis, by writing to your state Governor. Speak from the heart, simply stating why you believe scoliosis to be an important public health concern that deserves greater awareness.

Your voice is important, this June. Dr. Lonner and the team at Scoliosis & Spine look forward to bringing more information about this condition into the public square, particularly focusing on early intervention with conservative therapies that can help patients avoid surgery.

At Scoliosis & Spine, we celebrate the victories recent years have brought to advances in scoliosis care and treatment, but we know that more can be done. By reaching out to your state Governors, you’re joining in the fight to educate the public and empower patients and their families.

Dr. Lonner and the Scoliosis & Spine team invite you to join us, this June.

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